All Boys and Me

"There is nothing more precious than the laughter and smile that comes from the hearts of our children. There is nothing more satisfying that being a Loving Dad and working hard to make those smiles and laughs possible. There is nothing more heartbreaking that being alienated from your children"

- Tarek I. Maalouf

Hello. My name is Tarek Maalouf and I decided to create as a way to help single dads like myself cope with the difficulties and quite often unfair and unequal treatment dads receive through our current legal system. Although this site is intended to provide support through discussion and feedback, it is almost my intention to make sure that the site does not become a "mom bashing" staple on the internet. Instead, my goal is to create a group of single dads, single mothers that support single dads, step-moms, and other supporting friends and family members so that everyone can have a place to vent, cry, laugh, to share stories, and most important, a place to find support when times are tough. I am an avid supporter of co-parenting and believe that dads and moms are equally important in their child's life and I intend to keep that view point present throughout this website. I do hope you find this website useful and beneficial as you journey through the ups and downs that come with divorce and/or separation with children involved. Should you ever need to reach out to me to ask a question, make a comment, or simply say hi, my contact link above is always open.
Tarek Maalouf

"If children are the rays of sunshine that fall upon their fathers face, step-moms are the clear blue skies that allow the sun to shine brighter" - Tarek Maalouf