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Jeremy’s Story

"Jeremy's" story is one that really stood out for me and one that I also took a real personal interest in. In fact, his experiences, including recent issues involving CPS, law enforcement, and visits to the court house were so hard to believe, had he not offered me documentation to substantiate the details he shared with me, I most likely would not have believed him.

Now, with documents in hand, and Jeremy involved in a court battle over his children and their well-being, I decided to get started and share his story with the visitors of my website because I believe through knowledge and understanding, single dads just might find bits and pieces of information in Jeremy's story that they can learn from and find comfort in.

I must also note that I declined to include anything in his story that was not able to be verified through documentation, online research, and/or public record. Simply put, if it was not in writing, it did not make it into this story.

Table of Contents - Jeremy's Story

  • When they agreed that divorce was the only option left
  • Agreeing on attorneys and divorce details
  • The day of the divorce
  • The next few months as a single dad
  • How money began to change everything post divorce
  • The day his world came crashing down
  • Mediation and manipulation
  • After the battle
  • The lies placed on the shoulders of his children
  • The day his children told him they had been assaulted
  • CPS, Safe Harbor, local law enforcement and more
  • What will happen next